Windows Batch File Commands & Scripting Reference for Marketing

REM There’s a better way!
ECHO “I Love Batch Scripting”

There’s been a ton of focus on Python for automating SEO tasks. It’s understandable, Python is a very flexible language with a lot of editing and dissemination options.

Like my adventures in R for SEO, command line for SEO offers some unique solutions that can solve hairy, time-consuming SEO problems.

Automating Screaming Frog with Command Line & Batch Script

One of the most fundamental elements – the art of the crawl, automated. Start with Screaming Frog automation now.

Running Google Lighthouse Programmatically in Command Line

With the dawn of Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor- one of the most important SEO data sources is also the most elusive, at scale. Automate Google Lighthouse in Command Line (CLI).

Google PageSpeed Insights on Command Line

Need PageSpeed Insights data faster than one page at a time? You’re not alone. Here’s a tutorial on automating PageSpeed Insights on Windows Command Line.