Machine Learning (ML)

Roses are red /
Violets are blue /
For this classifier /
A single feature will do.

1: A Beginner’s Introduction to Machine Learning

How do you learn machine learning? Let’s look for a line of best fit…

2: Definitions of Machine Learning

What is machine learning? We try our level best here to clarify and focus on a small handful of meaningful definitions, sans the buzzword bingo.

3: A Survey of Supervised Machine Learning

Spoiler alert: The first type of machine learning contains a lot weight on having clean, correctly labeled data and understanding the best applications of linear algebra. Start supervised machine learning now.

4: Unsupervised Machine Learning & How It’s Different

The data you have and what you do with it is a fundamental differentiation in any situation. In machine learning, this lends itself to a completely different classification of ML algorithms. More about unsupervised machine learning.