Digital Marketing Resources

A continuous work-in-progress of digital marketing resources

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The art of organic growth in your digital business. I know, it’s “cobbler’s kids” to not have much here. Stay tuned, maybe!
Feeling lucky?

Digital Marketing Strategy

How do you approach digital marketing in an agency?
Read about agency & digital strategy now.

Structured Query Language

Join me in learning SQL – I’m starting from absolute beginning.

Amazon Alexa Voice Skills

“Alexa, tell me a joke…preferably not related to my development skills.” Dive in.

Python for Digital Marketing & SEO

a = 15
b = 37
if b > a:
print(“Let’s learn python!”)

R for SEO & Digital Marketing


print(“I love RStudio”)


Command Line (CLI) & Batch Script

cd C:\Users\You\etc

Excel & Google Sheets

Coming Soon

Wrangling more data better, faster, stronger, Daft Punk-er.

Marketing Platforms & Tools

Coming Soon

When I get some time, I’ll add insights and lessons from the range of marketing tools I know.


Coming Soon

console.log(”Learn all the scripts’);


Coming Soon


Email Marketing

Coming Soon

A newer endeavor- how to build an email list and effectively market using email.