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Voice Search Strategy & Optimization for SEO

When’s the last time you thought about voice search strategy & optimization for SEO? At the time of writing this (summer 2021) everyone I know (myself included) are pretty occupied with Core Web Vitals and Page Experience rolling out, alongside other algo updates. (See also: Google Traffic Down!) But it’s refreshing to spend some time […]

Basic Command Line Commands

Let’s talk basic command line commands today! I’ve shared some recent command line articles on Google PageSpeed Insights on Command Line (CLI) and Running Google Lighthouse programmatically, in addition to older posts like Screaming Frog Command Line (CLI) automation. I want to share some more fundamental components of command line and batch scripting: basic command […]

Google PageSpeed Insights on Command Line (CLI)

Welcome back to more in adventures in Command Line! Previously, we were looking at running Google Lighthouse programmatically. Today, we’re going to explore a similar exercise- running Google PageSpeed Insights on Windows Command Line (CLI)! Running PageSpeed insights on Command Line was probably the easiest self-coding experience I’ve had to-date. (More on the hard part […]

Actually Running Google Lighthouse Programmatically

Are you ready to run Google Lighthouse programmatically? This challenge has weighed on me for years. But with the help of some resources and friends, I’d love to show you a start-to-finish guide of truly running Google Lighthouse programmatically. Programmatic Means Prep Work First, my personal machine runs Windows 10, so my apologies to Mac […]

Google Search Console: Download & Export All Website Data

Another update! I’ve tested this head-to-head with some out-of-the-box solutions and found some interesting results. Say with a Data Refinery-type product, once you add dimensions (such as URL) the completeness of the data will decrease, due to data loss GSC developer documentation notes as unavoidable. However, out-of-the-box API connector products may see 30% or more […]

How to Bulk Submit Sitemap URLs to Google Search Console

Well, howdy! As with many of my posts lately, I find myself saying that’s it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something. It’s true! Today, I’d like to walk you through how to bulk submit sitemap URLs to Google Search Console using R and RStudio. Before we begin the process of bulk submitting sitemap URLs, you’ll […]

The Simple SEO Strategy & Plan Template

A quick Google search tells me that a lot of folks have already put together some fine SEO strategy plans & templates. Here’s why I’m offering a different take on a SEO strategy plan template: Websites are offering SEO launch plans, not ongoing search engine optimization management templates. The Problem with a “Launch-Only” SEO Strategy […]

Bulk Google Trends Data Automation With a Pseudo-API

For Google Colab notebooks, and a simple CSV with Column Header Keywords, and up to 50 topics. Adjust the timeframe as needed. Special thanks to Fozan again for assistance.

Automating Search Interest & Trends Data Access with Python

Google Colab notebook for automating download of Trends search interest data, inspired from this Search Engine Land writeup. Special thanks to Fozan for his help with populating the CSV download portion. 🙂

Account Service & Management for Marketing & Advertising

Recently I wrote about digital marketing agency strategy & planning – 5 pillars or behaviors top performers should exhibit. Today, I want to look at account service & management for marketing / advertising agencies. From an agency perspective, client management is at best a continually perplexing challenge. For agency owners and executives – the joy […]