Learn a bit more about me outside of the Teams chat

First off, thanks and sorry! Thanks for visiting, and sorry my site might be a bit unpolished. I recently migrated to a new them, shoutout to Jon Henshaw & Coywolf Pro for the incredible WordPress theme. Hopefully I’ll put some more work into fleshing it out soon.

If anything describes me, it’s adaptable. I quickly adjust to changes and improvements while making the most of the surroundings.

My core values include leaving things better than I found them and giving back to the community that sustains us. These values fuel a drive and passion for excellence and the cutting edge in marketing and advertising. Wide ranging experiences help me work well in both team and independent environments. I developed a fierce work ethic through early sports involvement. This also helped fuel a desire for continual improvement.

Photography is one of my creative inspiration and outlets, through the challenges of composition, framing and lighting. Check out my 500px photography portfolio or connect on Google+ (Edit: Ha! This should tell you how old this bio snippet is 🙂 ). I also enjoy public speaking and giving workshops. Outside of work settings, you can find me doing some kind of physical recreation or outdoors. Around the community, I like running, cycling and ultimate frisbee. Off the beaten path, my favorite pastimes include hiking, camping and windsurfing.

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