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The Last SEO Glossary You’ll Need

A comprehensive glossary of 500+ SEO terms with context on usage, examples, and more. Table of Contents Click the links below to jump to a letter section. # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # […]

E-Commerce SEO Case Study

Year on Year (Y/Y) Organic Growth in a Setting That Drove 2 Competitors to Bankruptcy Case study snapshot S&P 500 retailer lost ownership of its main category keyword during a time of organic results being reduced in the search engines. Partnered closely with internal, client and developer, merchandising and creative teams to overhaul their category […]

Inaugural SEO Mental Health Survey: 2021

Welcome to the inaugural SEO burnout and mental health survey! It’s not lost on me that while the title says 2021, we’re now halfway through 2022. In the fall of 2021, I posted this survey on LinkedIn, Twitter, and a few other places – I was absolutely blown away by the responses. Then with no […]

Voice Search Strategy & Optimization for SEO

When’s the last time you thought about voice search strategy & optimization for SEO? At the time of writing this (summer 2021) everyone I know (myself included) are pretty occupied with Core Web Vitals and Page Experience rolling out, alongside other algo updates. (See also: Google Traffic Down!) But it’s refreshing to spend some time […]

Basic Command Line Commands

Let’s talk basic command line commands today! I’ve shared some recent command line articles on Google PageSpeed Insights on Command Line (CLI) and Running Google Lighthouse programmatically, in addition to older posts like Screaming Frog Command Line (CLI) automation. I want to share some more fundamental components of command line and batch scripting: basic command […]

Windows Batch File Commands & Scripting Reference for Marketing

REM There’s a better way!ECHO “I Love Batch Scripting” There’s been a ton of focus on Python for automating SEO tasks. It’s understandable, Python is a very flexible language with a lot of editing and dissemination options. Like my adventures in R for SEO, command line for SEO offers some unique solutions that can solve […]

Google PageSpeed Insights on Command Line (CLI)

Welcome back to more in adventures in Command Line! Previously, we were looking at running Google Lighthouse programmatically. Today, we’re going to explore a similar exercise- running Google PageSpeed Insights on Windows Command Line (CLI)! Running PageSpeed insights on Command Line was probably the easiest self-coding experience I’ve had to-date. (More on the hard part […]

Actually Running Google Lighthouse Programmatically

Are you ready to run Google Lighthouse programmatically? This challenge has weighed on me for years. But with the help of some resources and friends, I’d love to show you a start-to-finish guide of truly running Google Lighthouse programmatically. Programmatic Means Prep Work First, my personal machine runs Windows 10, so my apologies to Mac […]

Google Search Console: Download & Export All Website Data

Another update! I’ve tested this head-to-head with some out-of-the-box solutions and found some interesting results. Say with a Data Refinery-type product, once you add dimensions (such as URL) the completeness of the data will decrease, due to data loss GSC developer documentation notes as unavoidable. However, out-of-the-box API connector products may see 30% or more […]

How to Bulk Submit Sitemap URLs to Google Search Console

Well, howdy! As with many of my posts lately, I find myself saying that’s it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something. It’s true! Today, I’d like to walk you through how to bulk submit sitemap URLs to Google Search Console using R and RStudio. Before we begin the process of bulk submitting sitemap URLs, you’ll […]