Zach Doty

Digital Marketing & SEO Consultant

Howdy and thanks for dropping by! I’m a Christ-follower and seasoned digital marketing consultant and SEO strategist in Texas. For over 10 years, I’ve crafted winning SEO and digital marketing strategies for heavyweight brands and built high-performing remote teams.

I offer a unique value proposition: I can enter into almost any digital marketing engagement and offer immediate business value.

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Areas of Marketing Expertise

I’ve been fortunate to wear a lot of hats and work in a lot of industries as a digital marketing and SEO consultant. This has given me deep experience across a broad range of digital marketing competencies.

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Outside the Zoom Meeting…

…I used to describe this as outside the office, but so much is virtual now. Off-duty, I enjoy family time with my wife and our toddler. I also enjoy reading, cycling, running or seeking out some water. (Beach, lake, river, it’s all good to me.)

Will You Help Feed the Homeless?

As an SEO consultant, one of my passions is helping feed the homeless

Digital marketing and SEO are incredibly important to me and my career. However, we’re all people doing the best we can. It’s imperative we never lose sight of that on any level. Something that’s important to me is giving back to the community that supports and sustains us. Will you join me in feeding the homeless in Texas and your community?

Speaking + Media on Digital Marketing

It’s a joy to pay forward the knowledge that others have shared with me. I regularly speak on digital marketing and SEO in a range of professional and academic settings. I’d love to speak at your next event or class – contact me about speaking or press mentions.

  • AAF Houston (Speaker)
  • Blog Elevated (Mentor, SEO Speaker)
  • Energy Digital Summit (SEO Speaker, Panelist on B2B & Oil & Gas Marketing)
  • Fort Bend Internet Marketing Meetup (Speaker)
  • Houston Bloggers Association (SEO Speaker)
  • Houston Chronicle (Subject Matter Expert on Digital & Social Media)
  • Houston Interactive Marketing Association H/IMA (Voice Search/SEO Speaker)
  • Profitable Blogging Summit (SEO Subject Matter Expert)
  • Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative (Social Media Speaker)
  • University of Houston, Bauer MBA Club (Guest Speaker on Digital Media & Marketing)
  • University of North Texas, Digital Retailing (Guest Lecturer on SEO, Digital Retailing)
  • Your MBA Purpose (Author, Contributor)

SEO Case Studies

The best way to learn about my digital marketing and SEO experience is through my case studies. I’m currently working on building these out. Turns out agency life packs a lot of action and there’s so much to recap! In the meantime, here’s a fully built out e-Commerce SEO case study.

A lot of folks put SEO as a skill on their LinkedIn profile, but Ahrefs tells us that only 5% of pages created ever get an organic ranking on Page 1. Despite the buzzwords, it means not everyone can back up their expertise.

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